Uusi Rock Your Day kirja nyt saatava

Uusi Rock Your Day kirja nyt saatava

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Furnished apartments & Real Estate Investing

I am a real estate investor and managing director and owner of a Condo Group Oy that providing furnished apartments and project accommodation for companies. 2019 Condo Group rent furnished apartments almost for 2 million euros and over 98 000 night was stayed in Condo apartments.
I started by investing in apartments. I bought 14 apartments in 18 months and built a system to provide furnished housing and project accommodation for companies.
In 2017, my long dream of buying an apartment block came true. I purchased the big 1100m2 building which was the first Post Office in Varkaus. Beginning it was not good condition and It was renovated totally 2018-2020 and converted into a hotel for upstairs and a longer-term rental for the downstairs apartments. You are very welcome to stay at Vanha Postitalo Aparthotel Varkaus.
These days Janne owns apartments all around Finland due to his company Condo Capital Oy and his personal name.
If you would like to become a mentored by Janne or to collaborate, contact me!