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Five Steps to Supercharge Your Cold Calls

Here are Five Steps to Supercharge Your Cold Calls. What do people hadabout cold calls? Every so often, there are four reasons for that. Let’s see what the reasons are.

The first reason is you don’t know what to say to your customers. When you take your phone, you neither know what to say nor what you are saying. You are scared because you do not have the exact information and that’s why you are not feeling confident. And also, the second reason is that you don’t know what you want in your life. If you don´t know why you want to be rich or want to be free, then maybe you don’t know why you are making this phone call. You need to understand that when you know what you want, it becomes easier to get the phone in your hand and make the call.

Point three is you lack focus. Thinking I will do that one, I am checking on the internet for some news, or I’m searching for new techniques to make the phone call because you don’t know what you’re going to say. Maybe there are some other reasons making it impossible to make the phone call—maybe there is so much noise around you, or maybe in your head.
Of course, point four is lack of discipline. If you haven’t promised yourself that you will make 50 phone calls or 40 phone calls per day, you might spend the whole time thinking about what and when you will make the phone call. You may be asking yourself “what should I do now?” or ”should I go to get a coffee?” or ”I should perhaps ask something from my boss so that he can see I’m working,” and you will end up not making the phone call. Then, at the end of the day, you might make five, ten, or 20 phone calls. Know that you are losing sales. You are losing money because you don’t have the discipline to call as much as you can. It is your responsibility to make phone calls, make the sales, and make the money.

The next point is why you should do a cold call. This is also a critical point for increasing your sales. If you want more money, you need to increase your sales. But it only happens if you start to make phone calls. And also, an important thing that you need to know is your statistics. If 20 phone calls can be made in two days, note this. And if you know every ten phone calls give you money that can pay your bill, note it. This also increases your omnipresence. So, when you’re calling, people start to know who you are. Of course, there are so many phone calls coming, they probably don’t remember you; but if you are very good on the phone, people will remember you and they will be ready to take your call next time.

And when you are making those phone calls every single day, it keeps you focused on what you need to do. Sometimes, it is not so easy to call to people and try to make the sales, but, hey, come on, it’s your duty and it’s your job to make those sales, and it’s your job to start calling the people.

Also, you need to learn every single day, and that’s why you are making those calls.
That’s why you are checking this video.
That’s why you are here today because you want to learn every single day. And when you are learning every single day, you’ll increase your sales. You’ll make more sales, you’ll make more profit, you’ll earn more, and you’re going to spend more, or whatever you want to do with your money.
But remember, it’s your responsibility.

What is the first step of cold calling? This is a very good
question. Our first step is attitude and energy. When you are making a phone call, you need to sound very energetic and people need to feel your attitude. Think about it, if I’m calling for you: “Hello, this is Janne Immonen. I’m calling for this and this reason.” I think nobody is interested. But when you are calling, try a better attitude: “Hello, this Janne from Rock Your Day.” On the call, you can feel the difference. When you are energetic and people can feel your attitude, people can trust you. They can feel your energy and they can feel your power. Then they know that what you are saying, and you will make it happen. They know that you don’t want to waste their time because you have something to say or talk about; you have something to offer, and they want to listen to you. So if you have the right attitude and the right energy, those are critical for your success.

How can you gain more energy and attitude?
Move yourself; jump around, get your body moving if you feel you don’t have the energy. Walk or do something, maybe jumping. Speak that voice out of you. You need to learn, and you need to train your voice so that you have enough power and W energy to speak because speaking gets your energy consumed. Of course, you need to eat right, because if you are eating junk food, you won’t have enough energy, and most times, you’ll feel tired, and then it’s a bad idea for you to call. If you are eating something bad, your energy level drops and you feel tired. But if you are eating good food, your energy level stays up and even increases.

It’s very important to know what you are saying, otherwise, you’ll feel lack there.
You won’t know if they’re feeling like you don’t know what you are saying.


So, step two is knowing what you are saying. This also includes greetings.

What we do not want to talk about in greetings is the weather. Don’t ask someone, “How are you doing?” if you do not know the person. There is no point asking, “How are you doing?” Of course, in some part of the world, how are you doing is just like saying hello. But in Europe, it’s not.

If you are speaking some weird words or some weird slang, and if you are like the Finnish people and you are speaking Savonian or Rauma, you get people thinking, “What is this guy doing?” Don’t do that.
You don’t need to say your full name. Maybe S if you are famous, then you can say your full name. And all the silly talk and small talk is not for cold calling. The final reason is not to get people to like you.
You want to get them to buy from you, not like you.

Now, you might say that there is nothing left to speak, right? Think about that. Now we are taking so many points away from here. But the reason is that you will only speak and highlight what matters to the customers, what matters to you, and what is pushing you and the customers directly to sales.

Next, let’s check up about the greeting and how the greeting should be done. “Hello, this Janne from Rock Your Day.” That is, you say your first name and the company name. Sometimes, even the company name doesn’t matter and you can go directly to the next point. The next point is why you are calling. This point is necessary because people need to know that right away.


Next, I will tell you about the reason. “The reason why I called you is to know if you want to increase your sales by 40% in the next few days. Are you interested?” Give the reason and hook.
That is so critical. So, say your first N name, where you are calling, and then give the reason and hook. Hook is the reason why they should listen to you after you have said that.


Step four, prepare yourself for
customer automatic defence, objections, and responses because so many things might pop up. This is the big one. When you start your phone call and prospect do not know you, they easily go to automatic defense mode and they might say, “Send me an email. Send me more of your information. Call me tomorrow.” It is critical for you to know that this is not someone who’s interested in your product.
Instead, the person is trying to get rid of you. They don’t want to speak with you, so they try to get you close to the phone. At the beginning of my career, I was excited after they say that, and I was waiting.
What will happen next? I was waiting for the next day, but they never answered my phone calls again. They never answer those emails.

So, what do you do when the customer says things like that? Here is the one secret: agree with them always. “Yes, of course, I will call you tomorrow.” ”Yes, I will send you more information.” ”Yes, I will send S you an email.” Or better, if you can send the information when speaking on the phone with them, they can start to check the information right away. The secret is that you are pushing yourself. After that, prospect a little bit, continue your call while speaking fluently, and you will start to fact-find a new presentation. Try to get so much information that you will need so you can make the offer based on the information that you have – what this customer needs and what the customer wants.


Step five: it is time to supercharge your sales. You need to understand that it’s critical in your sales career to learn all special techniques and take control of your life and your sales.
That’s why I have created the Supercharge Your Sales course. Now, it’s time for you to get that course. Go to janneimmonen.com/sales, to get the course.
Do it now. Rock your day, every day. Thank you so much.



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