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Money is spiritual – How to get rid of your money problems

Here is the deal. There is something that you don’t know. And now I’m going to tell you one,
where a big secret changed my life about five or six years ago.
At that moment I was using money, I was paying my insurance, my electricity, my car bills. I
get so much headache and pain because I never have money. And even I tried to save it
didn’t work because I spent everything I had.
So, I know that I need to change something, but what I was changing?
Step 1 Be grateful
The first point was that I had to be grateful for the money I spent. So, every time I get a new
invoice, electricity or whatever, I write there, “Thank you!” And I start to feel so grateful for
what I have got. I have gotten warm. I have got heating. I have got new tires on my car.
At first it was very, very painful, but it started to change. And what was the most important
thing was that my money situation started to also change. And that was affecting so much
and how I was feeling.
Step 2 Allocate your money
And the second step, I start to allocate my money. So, when money comes in, I take it, let’s
say 5% or 10% for spending, 5% or 10% for savings. And also if I know that there is some
cost about the car or insurance, I put those for a separate account of waiting for those
invoices are coming.
Step 3 Your money mindset
And step number three is that you need to understand about your money mindset and how
you are feeling about the money. And many times these are coming from your childhood,
your family, and how they have feeled before.
And you need to study about yourself. Are you just turning out the light? Are you making
some small pennies even if you’re going to make big money, because you need to start to
understand where you are spending your time, versus where you are getting your money.
Because if you are spending your time for such very small worth about the job, you are
losing money. And that I have seen myself. So, when I start outsourcing, everything starts to
I started doing things that I enjoy, maybe going to the gym, reading books, checking videos
like this, or checking some video courses. And then I was outsourcing many daily activities
that I didn’t need to do anymore. And I know that you can say, “Hey Janne, I can’t do that
because I don’t have money.” But when you start to change your money reality, you’ll start to
have money. And I know it’s very difficult to understand.
Step 4 Ask for money
And the next step is that you’ll need to ask for money. You will need to know how much
money you want in your life and with your income. Or if you have business, you need to ask
for money, you’ll need to ask for work, or there are people or their companies that receive
the money. You can’t just wait and hope that something is coming over there. So, that is also
why you need to start asking bigger and bigger monies and it’s coming from here.
Step 5 Fear of the money
And then it’s fear of the money. When you are dealing with the bigger money, you’ll start to
fear that if you are losing that money, or if you are not getting that money.
I also had to learn to lose big deals or a lot of money several times to get a lot of money
back again. And sometimes it is believed that there is a need to drop prices too low to get
money. If you have that kind of need many times, you do not get that money. You’ll need to
trust that money is coming.
Money is spiritual
And that’s why money is spiritual. Many times when I’m dealing with big money and there
are some clear things in my head too much or I can’t have that one. I need to clear my head
through different meditation, just relaxing and just being here in this moment.
Just let this fear go away, be here with you and you’ll start to receive those big money. And
of course the most important thing: You’ll need to start doing things. If you’re just waiting,
nothing will happen, so remember, make your budget, check how much you are getting
income, where you are spending your money and what you need to do so that you can start
saving some money. And remember, every time you are using money, you need to feel
grateful. You’ll need to be confident that you can use that money.
You’ll need to be confident that money is coming to you. That money is flowing for you every
day or every month. But that is something I’m working on almost every day, like feeding my
spiritual side, that money is flowing there for me and that’s what you have to do also. So,
remember to be grateful every day.
And if you want to know more about your mindset and set that in the correct way, check my
books, livethedream.fi and Rockyourday.fi. There are mindset books for finnish and english
language. I can guarantee that when you’re reading those books, you’ll start to expand your
mindset, your world. And everything starts to change. But remember, it’s about you and what
you’re going to do every single day.
Remember, this is your day to rock your day!



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